Version 1.0a1
October 21, 2001

Author: Bryan Oakley

What is it?

tkwizard is a megawidget for creating wizards. It is written in pure tcl and runs on any version of tcl/tk from 8.0 onward. Included with the distribution is a wizard for building wizards. While not a full fledged wizard IDE, it is sufficient to create the initial framework for a wizard. Plus it serves a dual purpose as an example of a simple wizard. I hope to add additional wizards when I release the final 1.0 product some day.


Download version 1.0a1 in tar.gz format here: tkwizard-1.0a1.tar.gz
Download version 1.0a1 in .zip format here:

A Note on the Alpha Version

This is an alpha version of the software. That means I believe it to be usable, but that it is not feature complete and may contain bugs. I am making this available to help find the bugs and to receive feedback on desirable features.

Known Bugs

These are bugs reported against the current alpha version